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A Powerful Technique for Counseling or Classroom Management

What is Counseling Essentials?

Counseling Essentials is a 4-hour professional development workshop,  a master class in counseling adolescents Grades 4 through 12.

Counseling Essentials is a proactive, visual-interactive method to address student behavior from a skill building stance. The six lessons presented in the workshop are psycho-education for teens and pre-teens. The lessons are designed to engage teens and pre-teens in the problem-solving process. The lessons form a solid foundation and an organized framework for both counseling and classroom management that can be used throughout the school year. The lessons can be used by counselors as well as special education teachers. This approach can also be used with teachers working with at-risk students.

This approach fits within the scope of the PBIS framework at all three tiers. The Counseling Essentials lessons are a series of conversations that integrate the research in the areas of self-determination theory, social-emotional learning, positive psychology and cognitive behavior theory. The lessons address some of the most egregious and common fallacies of teen thinking that lead teens and pre-teens to make poor choices.

Counseling Essentials is a series of six lessons developed for schools to help pre-teen and teenage students develop three building blocks of maturity:

Self-Acceptance – Students will gain the understanding that the road to maturity is not always linear. The essence of self-acceptance is being able to be OK when you fail so that you can pick yourself up and try again.

Self-Responsibility – Students and educators will gain an understanding that self-responsibility is not about assigning blame or feeling ashamed about making a mistake but about developing problem-solving skills. It’s about becoming ready to take part in the problem-solving process.

Self-Empowerment – Students have intrinsic motivation to be self-empowered. Students will gain an understanding that the way in which we become self-empowered is by developing self-responsibility.

The Counseling Essentials program was developed to make expectations clear to students regarding student behavior.

These interactive lessons can be used to provide a solid foundation for other classroom management strategies which address student behavior or the lessons may stand-alone as a classroom management tool. The lesson framework can be used school wide as a school- community philosophy.

The Counseling Essentials program can be used when addressing students’ social/emotional goals in IEP development, when addressing goals via student behavior intervention plans (BIPs), to address school-wide implementation of PBIS and to prepare students for working with the school counselor at the secondary or tertiary level of PBIS.

This program is available for use with upper elementary, middle school, junior high and high school students as well as students in special education, counseling or alternative school settings. A modified version of this program is available for parenting workshops. This program can be used with a diverse population of students.

This is what one teacher said after using my lessons with her students. She used it and achieved results!:
…Now that the whole class is on the same part of the lessons it seems more effective on how they behave toward each other throughout the day. Also, my most reluctant children are getting into it…. class room meltdowns have gone from twice a day to twice a month!….

This is what a School Psychologist reported:
…”I just used your first lesson with a very tough kid, and it was amazing!”

From another School Psychologist:
“Thank you so much for the training, it’s the most useful training on the subject I have ever received. As an educational psychologist, not clinical, I found it much more educationally based than most trainings, and applicable to all student levels in the comprehensive high school where I work: from those with difficulties managing anger, to those severely depressed, from those with superior cognitive skills to those developmentally delayed. Thanks also for giving pointers on how it can be easily adapted to both middle and elementary school students 4th grade and up, so I can share it with my boss as a potential PD for next school year, applicable to all staff.”

From a building administrator:
“Everyone thought that your presentation was extremely useful and to the

Counseling Essentials puts teens and pre-teens on the path to maturity!

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become” – Buddha

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